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Since 2018

Founded in 2018

Mega888 was founded in 2018, a relatively young gaming and entertainment company. Gambling is an industry that has been thriving for almost hundreds of years, but it is also constantly evolving with technology. So far, gambling has been a need for everyone, it is a kind of entertainment. There are many different gambling software companies all over the world, so it also gave us the idea to build Mega888, and Mega888 came into being. Competition in the gambling industry is fierce, but that doesn't stop us from creating Mega888.

Since its establishment, we have continuously improved Mega888 to be recognized by all players in the market. Thanks to our efforts, we stand out in this competitive industry. Mega888 will always do better.

Mega888 Has a Variety of Games

Everyone knows that there are many different games in casinos, especially gamblers are more familiar with this. So is it possible to enjoy all casino games with one mobile phone? The answer is yes, and the Mega888 did it. From dozens of games when the Mega888 app was launched, until now it has been updated to hundreds of games, this is definitely not easy to do. Therefore, gamblers who have played Mega888 can use their mobile phones to enjoy the joy of being in the casino, and there is no limit to the location and time, and they can play whenever they want. This is a service not available in casinos, but available at Mega888. Games at Mega888 now include slot machines, fishing or shooting games, arcade games, table games and more. The game is quite complete. We are also updating the game all the time, so stay tuned with us.

All games are in one app, just download the Mega888 APK or iOS App to enter the game, the operation is very simple.

Fair Game Between Agents and End Users

In gambling, fairness is absolutely the most important aspect. Mega888 achieves a fair win rate, that is, the player's win rate will not be controlled by the agent. The win rate of the game is 100% random, and the agent has no direct power to change the win rate. We believe that game companies with bad intentions set very low win rates in order to obtain huge profits. This is one of the reasons why players favor Mega888, because of Mega888's has very fair win rate mechanism.

Super High Win Rate

We know what gamblers are thinking. Gambling is all about winning prizes. Mega888 cares about the thoughts of players, so the winning rate given by Mega888 is very high. We used to get very good reviews from gambling players and we are very happy about it.

Mega888 is Active in Southeast Asia

The original Mega888 was run in Malaysia. Then Mega888 kept developing to many Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Our platform is growing, we have goals, and we hope we can one day span the world. We want Mega888 to be everywhere, this is our great vision.